Friday, September 28, 2012

This is Hardcore

So I think I am going to wait before posting the pics. Though I am feeling pretty good, I need to 'cut' and honestly Chicago fucked me. Pardon the language but really it did. Also my buddy is traveling all all over God's creation in the coming week and if I posted it wouldn't be cool or fair - we travel a bit.

All that aside, I am happy as a clam. Let me put it this way though, things have gotten beastly. Protein, creatine and ridiculous weights. My standard bench is 210-230 depending on the day and I find it hard to exhaust that without a spotter. The hunger factor has increased and that has stopped me from stripping or cutting but then again I am kind of following a bodybuilder's schedule. I will get to that couple of weeks where I will cut but it isn't now. Shit, this stuff is like drugs (I can only imagine).  I have to cut myself off at 45 minutes to an hour on the hard stuff or I will be at it until I fall down. The truth is that I need some more cardio or HIIT (not a misspelling - google people google) and today was the first day I have done that in a long time (nice bike ride with the wife).  I need a ton more besides the ton I lift on a daily basis. Actually I lifted something close to 4-5 tons today with all the various angles I hit my chest with during the workout. Think about that for a second. That's pretty hardcore. It kind of freaks me out. That's why I don't think about it even when I am lifting.  

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