Monday, March 14, 2011


204.4 lbs

It would appear that 205 has left the building without much ado. Sub 200lbs, here we come. In honor of Pi Day (3/14), I've decided to play with numbers a bit. I am going to extrapolate from what I have seen over the past 61 weigh ins and determine what the chart will look like by end of week. Here it is:

I am guessing, by the end of the week, we will be seeing 198.8 lbs or thereabouts. At the very least I think we can break the 200 barrier. We'll just have to wait and see.


My friend Laura and I were talking back and forth via comments on this blog about the awful relationship Americans have with food. Of course, she was far more eloquent about the whole thing, she is such a fantastic writer. I know my personal relationship with food has been fairly awful over the years.

This past week has felt like a turning point for me. No longer do I think about snacking even when it is allowed. I stop when I am full and really don't go beyond that point. I enjoy my food now and taste every little nuance and overtone. It's amazing.

A good example: we went over to our friends, DJ and Julie's, this weekend for a BBQ. They laid out one fantastic spread. I could have grazed all night but I really didn't want or need to do that like the old days. I just felt different, there was not an overwhelming urge to consume more even though it was binge day and I could. The half pound burger with cheese and bacon was enough for me and that was not a conscious choice. Just as it was not a conscious choice to avoid eating the last slice of Key Lime pie in the fridge on Saturday. When Sunday came around, I was like "Damn, I could have eaten that!" But I also have frozen Girl Scout cookies in the refrigerator and those really had not crossed my mind either.

I am going to guess if I didn't do this little experiment during the week my weight would bounce up and down but average out over time. Still, I am trying to get down to a certain weight, so we won't be doing that just yet. Even then, I will monitor things to keep myself on the straight and narrow. It's a lot easier to fall back into old habits. I suspect that the old habits would seem new now. The way I eat now, all seems so very natural to me. Having the middle part of my back ache after binging because I am carrying more weight temporarily around my waist does not seem natural at all.

Have you ever stopped and thought what your unnatural relationships are? I have noticed (surreptitiously) my friend's (who are in relatively good shape) diets and I very rarely see them have odd and overpowering food cravings or the need to eat more than they should. Children are the same way but we help to change this natural process and we have lots of enablers. Don't have time to cook breakfast?! Well we're here to help - try a Pop Tart - now with full grain goodness. Wanna try something different? How about some sugary toaster strudel?! The little shits can practically feed their little bodies from the age of 4 - we have made these things that easy, see how much we love your children! Gosh, how will our kids ever live without a snack for their "growing bodies"? Oh no we don't want to starve the precious snowflakes, I need to run out and get some chocolate granola bars or highly processed fruit laced sugar rolls! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead into obesity.

If given the choice, my kids prefer the home cooked breakfast now. That 5 extra minutes of cooking each morning is going to kill me, it surely will. My boy seems disappointed if there isn't a homemade breakfast burrito or eggs and bacon on his plate in the morning. He has yet to wake up and say, "Man forget the home cooked meal, I would rather eat some processed shit instead." Most of the time, our kids want the home cooked meal. I am the cook here at Chez Jones and I try to keep some variety going. Sometimes they will get processed stuff but not very often. I also noticed as I have done this, they make better choices about what they eat on their plate. I have ruined them. They would rather have Tuscan Pane than Wonder Bread. The orange peel chicken is so much better than the white clump of rice on the other side of the plate.

As I have reiterated ad nauseum, to our kids, food can be abused like every other thing on this planet. Choose wisely with moderation and you'll be fine, no matter what you do.

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