Thursday, February 10, 2011


215.4 lbs. It's like retro week, I keep seeing the same numbers recurring! But I am starting to see my next tooth forming on the graph and that makes me happy. Not "holy crap I am almost 210lbs happy" but I'll take what I can get. 215 is big with me psychologically and 210lbs is bigger but 200lbs will make me absolutely go nuckin' futs. You will notice something about the chart now that the next tooth is reaching maturity - there is a flat part. That flat part at the top can all be attributed to over salted foods and dairy. Cows are now my mortal enemy. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. You are what you eat! MOOOOOOOO!

I really have so much to do today, so instead of my regular thrilling diatribe on science, weight loss, institutionalized stupidity or any combination thereof, I will list some fun links to places I enjoy around the web:

Ready Made - A place that has all sorts of projects - big and small. Lots of great ideas for the home and your tummy.

The Daily What - Sort of captures the cultural zeitgeist of the day from sources around the web.

Fark - An irreverent news aggregator.

Jalopnik - I am a gear head and if it is car related - it's here.

Top Gear - same gear head type stuff, more snark.

Google Art Project - Go ahead and explore the great works of art in the world - from your seat.

Mark Harden's Artchive - Make sure you have a pop up blocker on (it's not severe). This site was my "go to" for relaxation by viewing art but it seems to have been taken over by folks who think pop-ups are cool when you initially hit the page. Still, it's pretty obvious where Google got a lot of their ideas.



You know, today's song is one of those that I could listen to continually on repeat for hours and I don't know why. It's actually one of the very few songs I can say that about. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I hear something different each time. If you like "Ziggy" or "Eno" era Bowie, you will definitely love this. There is a lot of change happening in the world on this day in February, I think it is fitting and true. Love is the province of the brave.

Province - TV on the Radio with David Bowie

Suddenly, all your history's ablaze
Try to breathe, as the world disintegrates
Just like autumn leaves, we're in for change
Holding tenderly to what remains
And all your memories, are as precious as gold
And all the honey, and the fire which you stole
Have you running through all your red-cheeked days
Shaking loose these souls, from their sacred hiding space

Hold your heart courageously
as we walk into this dark place
Stand steadfast, erect and see
that love is the province of the brave

Pushed under this expanse of bursting stars
Let this burning brightly illuminate the where we are
In this hollow that lovers' voices occupy
Let it follow that we let it free, let it fly

Breaking open the walls of this cage
Intoxicated, oh so amazed
Much like falcons tumbling from the heights at play
Conjoined, talons engaged

Hold these hearts courageously
as we walk into this dark place
Stand, steadfast beside me and see
that love is the province of the brave

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