Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Me

216.8lbs. So aggression isn't all it is cracked up to be but a pound lost is a penny saved or something like that.

What I hate about blogs, like the one I am writing, is that they are so self focused. I would rather talk about actuary tables with an insurance adjuster than write about myself some days. So sometimes I go off on tangents. A lot of tangents. If I were rich, I would hire some college kid off the street to go on my regimen and I would write about them. It's far more interesting.

Speaking of kids, did you hear about this study:
Bad Habits Not Genetics Fuel Childhood Obesity

Now this was as I had suspected. Genetics are a very poor excuse unless you are a prime candidate for a guest video feed on Oprah from your reinforced couch. I do make some exceptions for medicines, they have a tendency to throw all kinds of crazy things off in your body. You could restrict every calorie you take in but if you have something in your system that turns off receptors and kill helpful bacteria in your system, you are screwed. Note: there are ways to counteract the flora in your system being sent to an early grave by medicines, sauerkraut and Greek yogurt are good choices.

Blaming genetics is just a bad call for anything you might fail to accomplish. The study, a few years ago, about genetic predisposition is just bad science for the most part. In "4-Hour Body" Tim Ferriss makes this point by citing more specific and accurate studies and real life examples. I was always told that with shorter stocky legs I should always chose short distance running. I always loved long distance. Now I find out that muscle fiber can change and you can do pretty much anything you want. Body composition might come into play here and there (being 4ft 6in is not going to make you the center for an NBA team for instance) but you can change your body. You just have to work at what you want to do and your body will eventually "re-wire" itself, simple as that. Tangent warning for those prone to whiplash.

I picked up Planet P's self titled album on brown wax at Tracks In Wax on Central here in Phoenix. I have no idea what brown wax is because I am not quite geeky enough yet. It is a limited edition pressing on Quiex II and I have no idea what that means either, it just sounds sweet. I also picked up Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" and the first Squeeze album on pink vinyl. Tracks In Wax is a time capsule of sorts. It's the record store you probably remember from 20 years ago, if you are old enough. Plywood racks of cd's and used vinyl cover every square inch of the small storefront. There are also posters of concerts long gone and shout outs to audiophiles prominently displayed. For someone who loves music, there is just an odd exhilaration that you can't seem to get as much of from the other independent sellers. For one, you don't have someone who has enough piercings to wreck an MRI machine behind the counter. Perhaps Tracks In Wax is the place they will eventually go when they retire from being trendy while listening to Neil Diamond in an ironic fashion. All I know is that I bought some real cool discoveries and re-discoveries from the rack that weren't scratched or thrown in a 3 for $9 bin near the window to be warped because the employee didn't know that vinyl "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen should be treated with reverence and not indifference. Sigh.

"The last man to be here was never heard from again. He won't be back this way till 2010..."

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