Monday, February 28, 2011

Drumming Song

208.4lbs. Saturday was 209.8lbs. Whew, just barely avoided breaching the dreaded 210lb barrier. But we know the goal is 205lbs this week and that is what we are focusing on at the moment. I don't think we will see 210lbs for awhile unless I get stupid.

Finally, it looks like we are going to have another nice week in the 80's and I am starting to get the itch to start moving. I have this spring fever going on and my legs are jitter bugging at a million miles an hour under my desk. I don't just want to move, I need to move. But I still have a lingering nasty cough from that creeping crud I had a little while back. The heart is willing, the body is weak. Better get to feeling better before the hellish temperatures start appearing again in April.

I am trying to think just how I'll feel when I get sub 200lbs. I might have been close to sub 200lbs the past 20 years or so but I doubt I was anywhere under the mark. Even now, all of my clothes even the "someday I will wear these again if I get some sort of mystery illness that makes me drop weight like crazy" variety are drooping on me. Lots of revelations to be had like my Pink Floyd shirt not being too small because I am too fat for it but it is too small because it is too short on me. The jeans we just bought a little over a week ago at the store are saggy too which strikes me as odd. I even told Christy I didn't think going down to a smaller size would be something that needed to happen anytime soon. Ahem. I stand corrected.

I figured I had another month or so before clothing would be an issue. It really isn't that much of an issue now but it will be in a couple of weeks. I kind of like having my pants loose now, so at the very least I need to get another belt - soon.

"Louder than sirens
Louder than bells
Sweeter than heaven
And hotter than hell"

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