Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Little Things

195 lbs

So we are back at the bottom again. 195 lbs has now become my nemesis. I blame myself for this. I really need to up the exercise and with my chest hurting this week, it just was not in the cards. By tomorrow, I should be as good as gold and I plan on waking up early and doing a very small amount of running. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on all of this. I have hardly ever been a morning exercise person. It just has never appealed to me. Lunch time and evening yes, morning no. I am going to give it a shot.

I have some catch up to do. I think I promised some science last week but I need to focus on some little things first. It's more of a mental clean up around the blog here, mainly spurred on by helping my friend Tammy who is trying "4-Hour Body". Here is a laundry list of errata and other items I needed to address or have addressed elsewhere:

  • I keep using the term human biome but to be accurate the term is microbiome. There is some pretty important stuff coming out scientifically in this arena which will change the way we eat and also help us understand our bodies better. Think along the lines of the human genome project and you'll get the picture. Mapping the microbiome is going to uncover lots of surprising things about how we use food and how the critters in our system convert it.
  • I can't say I am doing "4-Hour Body", I'm really not now. My friend Tammy is however. Comparing our diets, I can tell you that I haven't fallen off the wagon, I've just changed horses.
  • It might seem like I am not experimenting at all but I keep adding and subtracting things as I go along. This week I added Niacin and if you would like to know why, here is a nifty link to the Mayo Clinic. In addition, I have been adding small amounts of lemon to my bottled water. Lemon helps to even out blood sugar spikes and makes the large amount of water I drink very very tasty.
  • Someone asked me a very good question last week, why binge? Basically it resets your metabolism so it isn't falling through the floor from "reduced" calories during the week. Right now, I am fighting a plateau or set point so bingeing becomes even more important to help me break the 195 lb barrier.
  • I think, after waffling a bit, I am at the final 10-15 lbs. 15lbs more lost would be fantastic. I am also calculating what I will need to do to maintain that weight. Basically if I skip the ridiculous amounts of sugar I used to eat, I'll be fine. I am also going to switch to whole grains again for any bread fix I might need.
  • There are a number of experiments I want to do and if you are a regular reader and have come this far down the page I am looking for your vote on what will come next. Below is a list. And you can choose 1,2, or 3.
  1. Eat for a week on nothing but food bought from the 99 cents Store - healthily and under $20 (not including tax).
  2. Try losing weight on nothing but fast food for a week.
  3. Cut most fat and and go all carb for a week - nothing is out of bounds as long as the fat stays under 20 grams per day.
I personally would like to do number one. It sounds like it would be most the useful and most difficult. Number two is fairly easy, except for breakfast and the timing I would like to still maintain for eating. I could also do number three with some abandon and more than likely still lose weight.

Let the voting begin!


  1. I vote for number 1! That sounds interesting and we know I'm a bargain hunter by nature :)

    Christy Jones

  2. I suppose #1. #2 would probably break the bank. I thought #3 would cause you to gain weight. What am I missing? Thought it isn't the fat content, it's the carbs / sugars...?

  3. #2 would be really wild but I have hit up Subway, Jimmy John's and Baja Fresh on occasion, it's all in the way you order. But to make it fair and eat nothing but crap would be interesting. #3 would force me to avoid processed foods as I do now and I would have to be extremely careful with proteins because they are usually skipping hand in hand with fat. It's weird because fats and carbs are so calorically dense. It's why all the junk we love tastes so damn good. I was thinking number 1 might be easy but to eat breakfast lunch and dinner on $20 worth of dollar store stuff without gaining weight will be pretty hard.