Friday, April 1, 2011

The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

195 lbs

I kind of expected it not to drop that much, so for once this week it has been within expectations. I had little sleep last night and that pretty much kills a weigh in. But you know what? I am changing physically. It sort of feels like am Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. Except I don't turn into a swaggering asshole. Well, at least not more than normal. I never thought this level of transformation was possible frankly. I even said so a couple of months ago. That got me to thinking, do we all cast ourselves as being one way or another as if there were a die somewhere that stamped us out as we are forever? For some weird reason this made me think of The Goonies.

I started to think of the proverbial chubby kid, as comic relief, motif that permeated most 80's movies. The Goonies was one of them and Stand By Me was another. I am sure if we sat around together we could come up with a dozen more easily. Now I had read an article, a few weeks ago, about the casts of the two movies I had mentioned. I found it interesting that both of the chunky kids in each movie had grown up to be very healthy looking people. Here is Chunk doing the truffle shuffle.

Here is what he looks like now:

He has grown up to be an entertainment lawyer and he barely looks like the same person now. I bet he is eternally grateful that he did not have to go through life truffle shuffling every time someone recognized him in public.

Now let's look at Jerry O'Connell, the kid from Stand By Me:

Here he is now. A little something for the ladies out there:

Oh and ladies, you are welcome.

But you might say, "Hey, they are kids, they lost the baby fat!" Well true baby fat is brown fat and brown fat helps burn calories the same as muscle. Yes, you will lose body fat as you grow older but that's only if you are able to maintain a certain calorie level that matches your age appropriate height and weight. Calories do not count for much but in this case, they do. Now let's see, what about an adult that has transformed themselves even though most of their adult lives we have seen them as something else entirely different. I have just the guy, John Goodman.

The man used to be 400 lbs only 9 months ago!

How did he do it? Some fantabulous Hollyweird miracle diet containing the placenta of a giraffe and fried monkey balls? No, he took accurate measurements. John said in an interview that he would lose 60 lbs every Spring and would regain it once Winter hit (an upcoming subject for the blog - warning: the science mobile will show up). The trick for John was to measure his body fat % which is and will always be a much better assessment of your overall weight loss than almost any other. That's all it took, careful and accurate measurements. That's is also what it takes to keep it off. Continuously losing more muscle than fat each time you crash diet will send your body into a spiral that is hard to pull out of without some serious exercise via weight training. The catch-22 is that is hard to get that exercise when you are really obese but it is not impossible, you just have to ease into it. Always remember baby steps, not baby fat, are what wins the race.

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