Monday, April 18, 2011


199.6 lbs

Very interesting stuff on the chart. Basically you are seeing what happens when you take the whole weekend off. I did hit 191.6 lbs before raising the bar to 198 and then 199.6 this morning. Unfortunately, I was also very very sedentary on Sunday but I think we deserved it, Christy and me. I do feel more achy this morning than I have in weeks because of all the excess sugar. Sugar is not my friend. Still, it gives me an opportunity to see how hard I can work to get back to achieving goals. That's why I am incorporating running this week instead of next week. Next week will be the $20 Challenge. I had little time to shop and it would feel like cheating if I didn't start on a Sunday. But I can start running anytime I want. I will need to run this week just for the extra boost of energy.

I got a call yesterday afternoon, during my stupor, that I let go through to voice mail. Last night, after my jelly bean fueled day of laziness, I decided to listen to said voice mail. It was a call from a director, I know, who is doing this play downtown and he wanted to know if I would do a part at the last moment. After talking to Christy, I called him up and told him I would take it. 15 minutes later, he was at my door with a script in his hands. This is going to be an interesting week since I have about ten days to memorize my lines. If it were a small part it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy but this is not small. I like small parts, by the way, because you step on stage, do a bit of gunslinging and then relax backstage until the curtain call. This one will be an endurance test. Of course, since my mind is on weight loss, it got me to thinking how I would normally approach these sort of things since they can be time consuming.

During a play, it is almost inevitable that I will gain weight. There is a tendency for us theater folk to grab sustenance anywhere we possibly can due to the rehearsal schedules. Fast food seems to be one of the only viable options. You would think that standing under hot lights and running about on stage would make you drop weight like nobody's business but you would be wrong in most cases (unless it is a British sex farce or musical - both of which call for you to be almost always in motion). Now I am wondering how all of this will fit together and I think it might actually be better for me in the long run since Saturdays are usually long rehearsal days and I can avoid the Sunday slump that used to happen as well. It's about to get veddy veddy interestink!

There we have it boys and girls. I will be doing a play with a very truncated rehearsal schedule. We go up on the 6th of May which means I basically have very little time to get it all memorized and in my bones. The week leading up to the first performance is called hell week. So I have the remainder of this week and then the next to get it all together. Oh and I have to get myself a Jersey accent and quick. But all in all, I am looking forward to it. I like a challenge - sometimes.

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