Friday, April 22, 2011

So Close

190.4 lbs

Tomorrow could be sub 190 and maybe it won't be. I think it has been a fairly successful week of doing all of this. I didn't run like I wanted to because, quite honestly, after 4 hour rehearsals half the week I was tired as all get out come the next morning. I am going to do some intervals this afternoon after I wrap up work but that's going to be about it.

I made some clarified butter last night and my belly couldn't be happier. Tomorrow I plan on taking Christy (unbeknownst to her) down to the 99 Cents Store for some shopping. Next week is going to be really really hard. Again, I might be pushing things off until I feel I am at a comfortable point which really makes me quite pissed at myself. Then again I wasn't really planning on doing a play or running to the complete opposite end of the country a month or so from now. I think the most important experiment might be the one dealing with a vegan diet. On of my fellow cast members just happens to have Celiac disease and if she can do it, I better be able to - famous last words. Men make plans and God laughs.

I have promised myself that if I do get down to my original target of 182, I will treat myself to the new double vinyl album that Kate Bush will be dropping on the 17th of May. So I have lots of time to reach my goal don't you think? You people don't know how much I love Kate Bush. In 4 days she will also be releasing a short film on YouTube for the song Deeper Understanding. Guess what will be the name of the blog posting that day? Here is the song without the visuals and it is incredible how prescient she was about today's all consuming computer culture - considering the song was written over 20 years ago:

The following is one of those fantastic songs people tend to forget about or never even heard since it was pushed almost exclusively to AOR instead of all the cool radio stations. Some people remember when these folks ruled the airwaves and they did it for a very long time. Some people view them as cheesy. But really, great lyrics, great voice - how can you go wrong? Ladies and Gentlemen - Hall and Oates!

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