Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nineteen Forever

195 lbs

Well this should be the end of Mr. 195 lbs for this week. It would have been the end for him earlier than tomorrow's weigh in but beer had to be drunk and life had to be lived. I had an imperative to go share the next to last NBA game for the year here with my dear friend Lee. For once, this last part of the season, the Suns didn't stink up the court. Even when the team looks like they are phoning it in, they still put on a good show. The only thing I used to hate, past tense emphasized, were the seats - they were just narrow as all get out. Now I realize that the seats weren't too narrow, I was just too wide. I missed the full enjoyment of watching Kevin Johnson, Steve Nash and Charles Barkley over the years just because I couldn't be a bit more honest with myself. Sigh.

Before I forget, I must tell you that today marks 90 days of weigh ins. So officially we are at the 3 month mark and counting Saturday's weigh in at 192.6 lbs, I am 40 lbs down. By the 12th of May, if I am still on track, I should be a lower weight than what I was at 19 years old. I now wear a pair of paints with a 32 inch waist which is what I wore when I was 17 years old. I need to remember to mark my jeans with a permanent marker because my son has already, inadvertently, wore my pants to school once.

This whole affair has been like stepping into a time machine; a different mindset comes back to me with each pound lost. I just feel younger somehow. Getting down and knocking out 10 push ups is hardly a chore anymore. I have earned back my sense of taste and sensitivity to certain foods. I had a couple of corn tortillas for lunch with my tasty and cheap fish tacos yesterday and my ass was dragging in the afternoon. I am more aware that food should be treated like a drug than ever before. In the past, I would simply shrug off the afternoon blahs as routine but now I see them as something more, something I shouldn't have to endure or put up with. Really none of us should settle for such abuse. Remember, drugs abuse the user that abuses them. I am not saying skip the fish tacos at lunch but I would think more than twice about the fries. Just knowing the effect food has on my body just makes me wish I would have known all this before I had all those early classes in my 20's fueled by Vivarin and coffee. If my body is a temple, then it was once filled with donut chomping caffeine freaks in monk robes emblazoned with "Who Farted?".

Now I don't want to go off and make my temple, as it were, filled with dour accountants who look over their glasses saying, "Do you really want to eat that?" all the damn time but maybe just occasionally. That would kill the joy of regressing mentally a bit if it was all the damn time. Sure, I have known 19 year olds who think like that and are physical embodiments of Greek statues. Their souls seem to be just as joyful as a statues as well. Happy mediums, ya know?

Tomorrow, I will have a rundown of the experiments this month which include a $20 a week challenge and by the end of the month going gluten free vegan for a week.

Here are pics of the progress thus far from Day 20 to today:

219.2 lbs - January 29th

195 lbs - April 12th

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