Wednesday, April 13, 2011


193.6 lbs

Short little blurb today. I am going to lay out what the next few weeks will be like for me as the experiment morphs and changes for awhile.

  • 17-23 April - Living at the 99 Cents store or "How to Screw Up a Diet On $20 a week"
  • 24-30 April - Running in the morning and it's effect on all of this. (I have been meaning to do this for quite some time now)
  • 1-7 May - Going vegan the hardest way possible or "Gluten Free and Proud to Be"

There you have it in a nice neat little list. A wonderful cavalcade of self abuse for your reading enjoyment. Yeah that's what I am here for people, I am simply a clown for your amusement except I don't get all pissy about it like Joe Pesci does.


  1. You are going VEGAN?!?!? What what?

  2. Yes but only for a week. I was deciding today when and how I am doing the last two experiments since I keep pushing them off. I probably will go Celiac Vegan (for lack of a better term) the week of the 15th of May. That to me will be the most interesting and illuminating one.