Monday, April 25, 2011

Canary in a Coalmine

190.8 lbs

So I drifted into the 180's and down past the 190 mark over the weekend. 190 should be on its way out permanently here in a week or so. I intend to blow past 190 again tomorrow, wish me luck. What I find more and more interesting is how I am listening to my body more. That might be the most valuable aspect of all this oddness I have put myself through. But in the end I will find out what works and what doesn't; what raises alarms and what I never really needed to worry about in the first place. For example, clarified butter and brazil nuts are fine - heck most nuts are fine but as for almonds, not so much. Corn crashes me but a bit of whole grain or cheese here and there seem to be okay, it's all when I eat them.

There has been some interesting news over the past week concerning diet and microbiology so let's jump aboard the Science Mobile (whoosh!).

First off there were several articles concerning two new eating disorders and whether they were truly eating disorders. I am sort of on the fence. The first is called Adult Selective Eating Disorder which I kind of think is bunk. Basically, you have an eating disorder now if you like eating only certain foods that are normally enjoyed during one's childhood like pizza, french fries, etc. - i.e. picky childish eaters who can't be bothered with watching Giada make something they can't pronounce over on the Food Network. Since someone just sort of pulled this one out of their ass, there is no collective scientific evidence whether this is good or bad.

The other new eating disorder has a cool scientific sounding name: Orthorexia. What this essentially means is that you call up the pesticide guy from Ortho and when he gets to your door you kill him and grill him. No, actually it is just another type of picky eater (their words not mine) who limits themselves to wholesome foods. Wait... on second thought, I have just jumped right off my fence, this one sounds like bullshit to a certain degree as well. Researchers fear that by not eating processed crap and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt, wheat and dairy foods that eventually, maybe, perhaps you might become anorexic. I can see it being part of an anxiety disorder certainly. But most people are obsessive about food. If you inadvertently insult the way anyone eats, you are looked upon as a vile creature who stomps on puppies and kicks children for fun. This isn't because we are all some oddities of nature or science, it is very natural to defend our food, just like hungry dogs. If you haven't eaten for a day or two and your spouse starts snatching things off your plate, they are likely to be called Stumpy for the remainder of their lives no matter how in love you both are. Stupid animalistic nature. Openly addressing my wife here: yes baby, I think the hook prosthetic is hella sexy.

I can definitely see where the egg heads are coming from on these new eating disorders. In fact, I did a bit more research and there are tons of eating disorders I have never heard of like drunkorexia, manorexia and diabulimia. There is a whole cavalcade of things you might, possibly, perhaps, maybe be suffering from at any given time. Now that is not to make light of disorders - they are real and they have been deadly or life threatening for a lot of people. But these two new ones, well, I can think of a good majority of the people I know suffering from these disorders. I wonder if there is some type of disorder that makes people worry about getting a disorder. Perhaps there is a disorder where you are scared shitless to eat anything by articles about scientifically unconfirmed eating disorders. From what I have read, I am unsure about what scientific category I fall in. Perhaps I have a disorder that frets about not having a disorder. Hmmm I will have to take the Science Mobile for a spin and do more research, there might just be a really cool name for my newly made up...uh...discovered disorder.

Two New Eating Disorders - Are They Real?

Oh and by the way, the writer of the article above writes for one of the most unfortunately named websites of all time (yum! kids!)

Oh and as for microbiology, here is an interesting article on the bugs in your body that are your friends. Sort of like a toddler's morning television show but less cuddlier. Anywho, you have one of three types inside your body and when we can figure out definitively which specific one each of us have, we should be able to plan our personal diets accordingly to make our lives much easier and healthier. It could be that gaining weight or losing it is just a response from our personal microbiomes to the foods we eat. When we eat the wrong things, microbiomes suffer just like a canary in a coalmine and we gain weight. The transverse is true as well. Perhaps people who can not gain weight are not getting the proper nutrients from the food they eat because their microbiome is overactive or is being improperly fed. Either way, I think we are on the cusp of a revolution in how we eat. It would be a lot easier than substituting, deleting and adding things to your diet to see what works if you already knew what would work.

Three Types of Microbiome Subtypes

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