Tuesday, January 25, 2011


224.0lbs. Not bad, not bad, considering it is a 2.6lb loss in 24 hours. Once again my marathon running abilities have made another appearance in the blog. Here is a nifty little chart showing my progress:

You can start to see a saw tooth pattern emerge from binges. Neat! As you can tell we are about to climb aboard the ScienceMobile! Woosh!

Okay, so I said I have been conducting two experiments. The first one is rather simple, I have not cut my hair since my wedding 6 months ago. It is rather long now (past my shoulders) and it is the longest it has ever been. I have noticed that there is a certain degree of prejudice you have to endure having long hair. I have been called "hippie" more than once and I just get a odd type of stare when I walk into my girl's school. People definitely treat you differently. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a certain level of social acceptance as well from people who don't care how long your hair is, I suspect that I look less like "the man" so I should be "cool".

Anyway, I was hoping to keep growing my hair long enough to donate it to Locks of Love. I thought it would be a good way of mixing my hair growing with some altruism but alas I am not sure if I will ever meet the requirements. It's just not long enough and I am getting demands from the feminine members of my clan to cut it. I gave the girls a task of finding me a new haircut and they did but it will be a cold day in Hell before I look like Ryan Seacrest. Soon my days of being a dark haired younger Albert Einstein look alike will be over.

The second experiment was inadvertent: a table saw bit about 1/4 of an inch into my finger. Pro tip: do not try to adjust elements of a table saw close to the blade while the blade is still spinning. So I have this nasty cut/chop into the tip of my middle finger, it basically ate a good deal of the meat behind the nail. The stupid thing bled everywhere. But like the other male patriarchs of my family I marched on and finished the wall shelf insert I was building and went to show the wife. "Looky honey! Can you help me with this?"

Now this is not the first time I have done horrible disfiguring things to my body, so I am quite aware that I have a pretty good pain threshold. I once put a razor sharp carpenters knife through my finger near the last knuckle while building an ornate fence, I hit bone thankfully. I shouted an expletive, walked inside and cleaned out the wound in the sink. I reached for the first thing I could find to cover it, masking tape, and finished the job. I also once snapped my big toe in half and put it back together with duck tape and a Popsicle stick - true story.

Well as you get older, the amazing recuperative powers you had when you were younger just start leaving you. For men, the principle reason is testosterone. Now there have been a few conflicting studies on this but I have found, through my inadvertent experiment, that by increasing natural testosterone in the body (good for weight loss and muscle growth in men) you can enhance the healing effect (Tim Ferriss touches briefly on this in his book). In short, you can decrease your healing time by eating certain foods in combination. I made the cut on Sunday and today the wound has almost healed and closed. It still is a bit tender but soon it will be gone. I only wish I cut get my hands on some powdered pig bladder for next time. Kids take your Cod Liver Oil! Away with the ScienceMobile! Wooosh!

So if you gotten this far then you must help me choose a haircut because I refuse to look like:

a) one of the Jonas Brothers
b) Michael Buble'
c) Justin Beiber
d) a hobbitt.

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