Thursday, January 20, 2011

All You Can Eat - Part Deux

224.8lbs. Not fantastic but not bad either. I kind of know why the numbers aren't lower. I forgot to eat and then I ate late which is not exactly the best option. Buddhist monks avoid solid food after noon for a reason. I like to eat and I was also very hungry. My offending late meal? Cottage cheese. On the most part, it is good for you but it does have a lot of salt. Eating late also doesn't give the body enough time to digest. Metabolically you are at the low point of your energy cycle for the day. It doesn't matter what you eat, it's going to get ya.

We Westerners have sort of flip flopped how we really should eat. We eat very little breakfast, eat a larger lunch and eat a massive dinner. My suspicion is that we eat naturally in accordance with what our brain wants, not necessarily what our bodies want. Kids are pretty good about breakfast early on because they seem to be more in touch with their bodies. As we grow older in Western society, we reverse that slowly. It is such an "innocence lost" scenario. I used to watch my youngest daughter's eating habits and she would graze or eat very little, for a period of time, and then she would eat everything within the distance of her arms like it was a hot dog eating competition.

Both Christy and I have noticed that both our girls will eat to stay awake. They are tired and they just want to get more energy to stay up later. Why don't we apply that logic to ourselves? I am not sure. I think we do the same thing but we have normalized it for ourselves. I know Christy will fall off into lala land in the morning if she doesn't eat within a few hours of waking. Her blood sugar goes into the basement. The same thing happens with the girls at night. Your brain craves sugar to operate. No sugar and the brain is going to shut everything down for awhile until it gets its way, body be damned. The only way to correct this is to schedule your meals and feed the brain before it tells all of its cells to kick off early or take a union smoke break.

Food is a drug and as soon as you come to terms with that, the better you will be. It can be beneficial. It can be harmful. It can be debilitating. It can be exhilirating. But I don't think the government should regulate it. Just as I think they shouldn't regulate normal drugs. If you need someone to stand between you and your food then it takes all responsibility out of your hands. I am sure the government has good intentions when they want to ban salt, trans fats, sugar content etc. but Hell is paved with good intentions. Looking at our governments track record, I pretty much believe they are building a damned superhighway.

So now that we all can see that food is a drug.... I could go on with more and more and more examples but I don't want to bore you to tears. Anyway, I am going to be doing the equivalent of a debaucherous drug filled binge again. My foodie binge is Saturday and I have already called on my Facebook friends to help. Oh the visions of pies and Reese's cups are dancing through my skull. I am looking forward to this one because man, I really want sugar. It has been a rough week brain wise and I am craving it like, well, a zombie craves brains. Binge with me if you like and post some foodie pics if you like.

All you can eat!

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