Saturday, January 29, 2011

Social Disease

219.2. Eh, I'll take it. I had been putting off taking any over the counter medication for my cold and then last night I broke down and gave in. Before I say this, again correlation does not equal causation. But I had my suspicions that the medication would interrupt my nightly catabolic process which helps to trim fat off the body while you sleep. I am not unique, everyone loses most of their adipose (fat) weight when they sleep. Your body, if fed properly, will use your fat to keep itself running while you are cutting z's. You could stay on a treadmill or elliptical for hours and still not get close to what your body will do on its own while you are dreaming of standing in sun god robes while on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming at you while throwing little pickles at you. It's medical fact. It doesn't mean you should be constantly sleeping though, well, unless you want to really throw off your metabolism.

Today is my birthday and I have been up since 6am or so. I really really did not sleep as well as I should have last night. One should never be awake enough to realize the late NBA game they watched on ESPN was now repeating 4 hours later at 3am because they left the TV on. But I wanted to be up early anyway and make sure my wife fulfilled one of my birthday requests to go do something fun for herself. You see, our friend Tammy had asked her to go hit the garage sales this morning - early. Now Christy rarely does things for herself but she does do everything for me and the kids. She just doesn't take time away to just be Christy and not be Christy "the devoted wife" or Christy "the caring mom" for a moment. So I got up with her early this morning, made her breakfast and coffee and patted her butt on out the door. Birthday wish fulfilled.

I really couldn't quite go back to bed so I watched a movie that I thought was going to be incredibly horrible but wound up being fairly good despite the title. I love post apocalyptica and Neon City filled the bill. It was basically Mad Max in the snow and had Michael Ironside as the hero. There were quite a few genuinely interesting concepts and good action scenes that you don't quite expect to see in a movie where Vanity is one of the stars. Heck, it even has a Steve Guttenberg knockoff as a serial killer. The writer was smart enough to set the movie far enough in the future that, even thought it was made in 1991, it still seemed plausible unlike other films of this genre (I am looking at you John Carpenter and James Cameron). What more could you ask for?

Again binge day is upon us. I ate my regular ginormous breakfast and then decided that it might be fun to have the Hershey's bar that my work gave me for my birthday. Um no. I had one small piece and that was enough for me. It sort of grossed me out. I do have some other goals for today, I have a few projects I want to finish up and later I plan to be plastered. No, I am not thinking of creating a life mask or a full body casting. Let me put it differently: I want to be bombed, blitzed, blotto and/or faced. Well, not entirely but I do want to get some drinking on and just cut loose while torturing people with my now extensive vinyl collection and ridiculous amounts of knowledge about pop music. "Really? You have never heard of Nektar? Yes, they are obscure as hell but you are going to love them - trust me!" If you hear me saying anything like that, run!

Well I have to go and pick up some architectural glass and various other items to complete my projects around the house. I have hardwood shutters to put in, a continuous glass quarter wall to finish and a present to open. The thing is huge and heavy and I have no clue what it is! It's driving me insane! If I don't get to open it soon I WILL start drinking early.

Here is a picture the girls took this morning.

I am a genuine example of a social disease.

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