Sunday, January 16, 2011

All You Can Eat

Thank you all for the suggestions on my binge eating part of the experiment. I so wanted to use Jen's suggestion of crab legs and butter but, alas, that is all perfectly legal on this diet. I might actually use it for a suggestion during the week. Variety is the spice of life.

My scale reading Saturday was 226.6. So the grand total for the week was 5.4 lbs, not too shabby. I didn't hit the scale this morning because of the whole binge factor. I have read many places that once you eat an excess of bad calories (after being somewhat calories restricted) your weight can balloon up anywhere between 5 and 20lbs because of all the extra salt and carbs. I just wanted to get back on track and get some energy back. I have learned to loathe binging.

First thing in the morning, Saturday, I ate breakfast as I normally would and had some diet soda. I have avoided diet soda, on the most part, the entire week because of the whole glycemic factor. Diet soda does you know favors with the extra salt and the fake sugar that makes your body react like you had actual sugar. After a few glasses of diet soda I began to miss my straight up green tea. My commitment to gluttony was really not going well until the diet soda kicked in.

In the morning, on a regular day, I rarely feel hungry. After having diet soda I suddenly felt, a mere hour and a half after eating, as if I could eat the entire menu of a McDonald's. Since Christy and I were out shopping for the good foods we would eat for the week, I took her up on her suggestion, Ajo Al's Pollo Con Queso. That dish is massive and I now felt like I had to hunger level to pull it off.

We got to Ajo Al's and they immediately told us it was Happy Hour and all appetizers were half off. Well, well then. We ordered some spicy bean dip and two orders of the lunch version of the Pollo Con Queso, the Poco Pollo Con Queso. I was practically salivating over the deep fried chimichanga filled with chicken and smothered in a spicy cream cheese sauce. The meal is massive, even the poco version. Christy and I were noticing that pretty much everything except the tortilla on the chimichanga, the corn chips and the rice on the plate were allowed items. After consuming half the chimichanga, put a fork in me, I was done. So much for committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. We had enough leftovers to fill a shopping bag to the top. All I know is that our teenage son is suddenly gaining a lot of weight.

I couldn't really think of anything sugary I really wanted throughout the day. I was lost. I think the corn chips and the small amount of tortilla were zapping my energy. Carbs had suddenly become my personal Kryptonite. But like England during the blitz, I intended to soldier on in my attempt to corrupt myself.

The the idea that had been stewing the later part of the week came to fruition. Pizza! We had kids over for a sleepover, we needed food for all, I wanted to kill myself with carbs, it was a no brainer. I ate a lot of pizza. Ugh! I also crashed early. Ugh! Dirty Harry marathon - thwarted. Even Christy was feeling it, the woman slept like a rock. In bed, on a Saturday, 10pm.

I didn't really go crazy, go nuts Saturday. I did notice the horrible effects that carbs had on me and it is a wonder most of the nation is not in a stupor 90% of the time. Wait, maybe they are! It would explain a lot. I do know that I felt back to normal after having a nice breakfast this morning. Christy seems to be as well, I can hear her working on something in the background which is my cue to wrap this up. We have a whole new room to finish today and it is nice to feel back to, what now is, normal.

"Going to get on the microphone down at Wal Mart, talk about some shit that's been on my mind."

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