Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Stop Me Now!

229lbs! Two.Hundred.Twenty.Nine.LBS. Yep, I have gained weight from my last weigh in and I am very happy about it. But what what what? You might say. I actually expected it to be worse.

Well this is how it works folks: when you ingest carbs and sugars in a quantity above and beyond what you normally would, you hold on to more water and other little nasty things. It takes longer than you think for your body to expel these things and readjust. At one point yesterday, before eating, I weighed myself just to see. My weight? 234lbs. I must be some sort of miracle worker.
5lbs in one day? Well a lot of that was water. Sometime yesterday evening I eliminated so much water I felt like Austin Powers waking up from suspended animation. I hate when this term is used so often now but honestly, it was epic.

I used to view the scale as a hinderance; never fully understanding what all the major fluctuations meant. I think most people who fall off of diets are in this same category as well. They have a momentary lapse in judgment and see the scale the day after and decide that they are so far gone it doesn't matter anymore. I wonder how many people would stick with a diet if they were forced to go back on the scale just a couple days after resuming their regimen instead of just throwing it all away after one bad measurement. I bet you if you told people they could just jump back on the proverbial wagon with few penalties, they probably would. But a great majority of diets are incredibly strict and you are admonished verbally and treated like a failure when you slip. Sure, there are grand words of over excited encouragment before you start ("You too can lose 20lbs!") but there are very few words about what happens when your human frailties show up and have a party. Sad really.


So another day back on track. I am so freaking full - still. So much water, so much food. I really have no complaints except when I go all Quasimodo from not having enough potassium in my system. I really need to pick up some Morton "Lite Salt" or "Salt Balance" so I can up my intake of potassium and reduce some sodium levels at the same time. Why not wipe out some precursors for high blood pressure while I am upping my good cholesterol?

Today, I didn't feel like packing my lunch so I opted for Chipotle instead. I got a barbacoa bowl minus the rice and it was delicious. I like the routine of creating and packing a meal but I can always count on Chipotle or Baja Fresh as go to when I just don't want the hassle. It's yummy too.

I am going to experiment with some called thermal loading . In essence, you make your body colder than it normally would be and this actually increases the rate of fat loss that occurs. If you click in the link attached to thermal loading (you can click on any of the highlighted phrases and it will take you somewhere fun, I promise) you can read an article on the NASA scientist who rediscovered the concept. Yes, I said, rediscovered. As with most things I read lately, there is a bunch of rediscovery happening. Scientists have known for almost 60 years that cold exposure greatly increases weight loss except after they discovered the effect they looked at ways to actually stop this from happening to soldiers in the field and astronauts in the chilly frontier of space. I wonder if any of their fixes inadvertently made it into the public sector like most government funded science does, for better or worse.

Like I said, in an earlier post, there are some things our grandparents ineherently knew that we have discarded. Ever watch an old movie or TV show where the guy does simple exercises like pushups and situps after just waking up? Maybe I'm the only one but it was something I noted when I was younger watching way too many sitcoms. It just seemed like they were doing so little exercise but as I learn more, I can tell you that you don't need a lot. In fact, what some people do themselves is probably way more than they need.

I could continue my train of thought by extolling the virtues of cod liver oil but I won't. Wait, this is me we're talking about. Since I am not pregnant even though I appear to be ("I'm having a food baby!"), I have been taking some cod liver oil in addition to my other supplements. Cick the link and see why our grandparents thought this was a cure all. Now that it can be taken in gel cap form, there really are few excuses not to take it, well, unless you are eating a polar bear liver on a daily basis.

"That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit, I'm trav'ling at the speed of light"

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