Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel Good Inc.

224.0lbs. Meh. Like a kid at Christmas whose sole take is a bag of socks, I am a little disappointed. Now it's really strange because .8lbs in one day is nothing to scoff at but it won't keep me out of the upper wrestling brackets yet either. I am looking forward to the last weigh in for the week tomorrow then it is party time. A true gauge of my progress would be how I feel and, brothers and sisters, I feel good.

I can't say I have felt this good physically in awhile. It's amazing what just 8lbs will do to you physically. I wore my normal clothes to work because it is casual day and it's like I am swimming in them. Suddenly I am Lily Tomlin in "The Incredible Shrinking Woman". I have boundless energy today. I hope I don't crash soon because I have a lot of work to do tonight around the house. There must be some threshold I have hit, weight wise, because I am pinging off the walls and my nose is cold. I never get cold during the day and right now I am freezing. Weird stuff.

By the way, I had some wonderful suggestions (and some weird ones) on Facebook that I might or might not use for my binge. I will probably be excluding mainlining Alfredo and the "special" brownies but you never know. I do know I will try to take pictures of it all (I know I said that last time, sheesh).

Louis: Looking good, Billy Ray! Billy Ray: Feeling good, Louis!

Feel Good Inc.

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